Tuesday, November 1, 2011


for all the comments Ladies ..would you believe I have only just seen them !! I have not gone to my blog as I said for so many years because I had n't a clue how to post !! so I just did a little experimenting and lo and behold I was successful !
In the meantime I got a call from my daughter who has a 3 month old little baby ,she was lying in bed with the baby resting on her when suddenly Mia (baby ) got limp and stopped breathing as you can imagine, they were frantic , her partner caught the baby and tried to make her breathe ,patted her back etc , they phoned 999 and the ambulance came out and at that stage Mia was breathing again , oh my God what a shock , I cannot imagine how they felt ,my son looked it up on line and found it was quite common for babies to stop breathing for a few seconds ! I certainly would have died if I was present.I have 6 children and I never knew that such a thing could happen. Anyway thank God she is fine, I would say they wont get a wink of sleep tonight watching her.


  1. OMG Lia, that must have an awful shock for you all - I've never heard of that happening either. Thank god she is ok now .

    Now I've found your blog, I will keep watching it

  2. Thanks Dianne ..she is grand again thank God ..apparently it is not uncommon , the parents are wrecked though.!!