Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am so not use to this blogging! well anyway ..just a short little story for my blog ! last night I was in bed watching a film when I saw something black run across the room I screamed for my son to come and help ! Iwas glued to the bed anyway when he came I gathered up courage to run out of the room he looked under the wardrobe and saw a tiny mouse..well needless to say I closed the bedroom door and blocked the end of it so he would not escape ..this morning I had more courage and looked into the room and saw the mouse cuddled up in between my fluffy slippers called my son again to get rid of him anyway between the jigs and the reels wasnt the poor little fellow dead ! well I actually was soooo relieved but he was so cute looking!....
I was delighted I had two visitors to my blog ! thanks Ladies !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friends Layout

This is my most recent layout done using Lime Rickey by Basic Grey. These are 2 of my grand daughters playing the guitar on top of the roof! I just adore Basic Grey.

Finally got around to making a blog..

...Or at least my daughter! Everybody else has one so I said I better start somewhere. Not a big chatterbox but since taking up scrapbooking just over a year ago I'm addicted to it.