Thursday, November 24, 2011

bush fires in Margaret river

well yesterday I got a text from my daughter who is surfing in Margaret River in OZ to say they had to ecacuate, she was not at home at the time and they would not let them return.,she ,with her friends had to stay in the town centre all night with the other homeless .Luckily a friend of hers who stays in the house with her brought her laptop he is under a jetty at the beach waiting for a boat !it is pretty scary. she thinks their house is on fire today including her car and all her belongings.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


for all the comments Ladies ..would you believe I have only just seen them !! I have not gone to my blog as I said for so many years because I had n't a clue how to post !! so I just did a little experimenting and lo and behold I was successful !
In the meantime I got a call from my daughter who has a 3 month old little baby ,she was lying in bed with the baby resting on her when suddenly Mia (baby ) got limp and stopped breathing as you can imagine, they were frantic , her partner caught the baby and tried to make her breathe ,patted her back etc , they phoned 999 and the ambulance came out and at that stage Mia was breathing again , oh my God what a shock , I cannot imagine how they felt ,my son looked it up on line and found it was quite common for babies to stop breathing for a few seconds ! I certainly would have died if I was present.I have 6 children and I never knew that such a thing could happen. Anyway thank God she is fine, I would say they wont get a wink of sleep tonight watching her.

a windy night

What a wild night., a good evening for making a new layout for the challenge for Crafting Ireland and also Maggie's challenge on Cardznscrapz message board.
This is my first attempt at adding to my blog made about 4 years ago!!just taking a chance to see what's going to happen!